Latin Hollywood Report: Cameron Diaz is a 'Bad Teacher' and Sofia Vergara Has 'Happy Feet'

If there was anyone left unconvinced after Avatar’s dominance, this weekend proved that 3-D is here to stay: Alice in Wonderland owned the box office for a second week in a row, earning a huge $62 million, for a total of $209 million. Matt Damon’s action war pic Green Zone managed to come in at #2 despite so-so reviews, but earned just $14 million—basically a bomb for the star and his Bourne director, Paul Greengrass. Rounding out the top five movies for the weekend were the new sex comedy She’s Out of My League ($9.6 million), the Robert Pattison romance Remember Me ($8.28 million) and the Scorcese-DiCaprio thriller Shutter Island ($8.14 million, for a total of $108 million). America Ferrera’s Our Family Wedding came in at #6 with a respectable $7.6 million, considering its small budget.

In other movie news: Kathryn Bigelow, the newly minted first Oscar-winning female director, will head to South America for her next film, Triple Frontier. Word is that she is reteaming with The Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal for the Traffic-like drug drama set in the border between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, where organized crime runs rampant. The movie will apparently be at least partly in Spanish, and given Bigelow’s subtle touch in The Hurt Locker, we can at least hope that it won’t be a simplistic banana-republics-gone-wild take on the region. The movie will start filming later this year.

Cantinflas is about to get his first big-screen biopic, though both the director and the movie’s star are so little known that you have to wonder how big a splash it will make, and whether Cantinflas will get the due he richly deserves. Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada (Che) will play the legendary Mexican comedic genius and Alejandro Gomez Monteverde (who directed the manipulative anti-abortion indie Bella, starring Eduardo Verastegui) will helm it. It starts filming later this year.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are rekindling their romance—onscreen, at least! The former couple will reunite in Bad Teacher, in which Diaz plays a potty-mouthed middle-school teacher who gets dumped by her sugar daddy and takes up with a fellow teacher (Timberlake) who is about to inherit a fortune. All kinds of rumors have started that Timberlake’s girlfriend Jessica Biel better watch her back, but really, does Diaz need to hit that niñete again? She’s loaded (thanks to the Shrek movies) and seems to thoroughly enjoy her single life, including dating super hot models. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2012.

Sofia Vergara, who is cha-cha charming as the heavily accented sexpot in the hit ABC comedy Modern Family continues her unlikely success in Hollywood. She has just been cast in Happy Feet 2, the sequel to the animated hit. She’ll play a penguin, but somehow, we’re sure she’ll manage to show cleavage.