EXCLUSIVE: Joanna Garcia Swisher Reveals If She's Ever Been in a 'Fist Fight' Before

EXCLUSIVE: Joanna Garcia Swisher Reveals If She's Ever Been in a 'Fist Fight' Before
Screenshot from Fist Fight Trailer

Joanna Garcia Swisher is back on the big screen. The actress is getting ready to get her hands dirty in the sure-to-be hilarious, Fist Fight. We spoke to Joanna all about her role in the film and what it was like to work with the likes of Tracey Morgan, Ice Cube, Charlie Day and others.

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Tell me a little about your character in Fist Fight.

I play Maggie, Charlie Day’s wife and I'm 10 months pregnant. She's a good girl, a very loving wife and she calls Charlie out on his shit. She's literally about to have a baby and her daughter is performing on a massively important talent show. There's a lot of balls in the air in this particular moment. There's a lot of heart and friendship there. 

What was it like on set? 

It was kind of intimidating. I spent a lot of time doing comedy in my life and my career. This particular movie is a massive ball of laughter. I mean with the likes of Tracey Morgan, Jillian Bell, Charlie and Ice Cube, who's so funny but also a mixture of terrifying and extremely handsome.  I was very nervous but also enjoying the ride. I just love getting to sit back and enjoy it and getting entertained by them.

Do you have any funny stories from set you can share?

I was surprised at everyone especially Tracey Morgan, who's gone through so much publicly and to come back and have all this. He's so positive, sweet, kind, and has so much gratitude. That was probably one of the more surprising things to me. You never really know what you're going to get when you have someone that's so funny because often times really wildly funny people are usually dark or quiet and you don't get that from any of these people.

In the movie you are pregnant, did that bring back any feelings for you when you were pregnant with your daughters?

I actually got pregnant with my second baby while I was filming the movie. So, there was a lot of pregnancy bugs happening by then. [Laughs]

While you were shooting did your little ones visit you on set? Or your husband?

Yes, my husband was in town and got to meet everybody and I got to invite the guys to the game when he was playing for the Braves. Literally, this movie was made exactly for him. He loves funny movies and you have the action with the fight scenes. As excited as I was. I feel like I was a big fan the whole time.

Have you yourself ever gotten into a fist fight?

No, I haven't but I feel like Id do ok. I'd definitely get a few blows in. I feel like I can get scrappy and I wouldn't go down easily.

What could viewers expect to see in the film?

Well the fight is absolutely epic. It's worth the price of admission! You can definitely tell there was a lot of free reign in this movie. They really nurtured it and wanted everyone to kind of go for it. There was no pressure and sky was the limit and I think what you get from it is sky is the limit.

Make sure to check out Fist Fight out on February 17 at a theaters near you.