Jessica Alba's "The Killer Inside Me" Evokes Furor at Sundance

Amidst rumors that Jessica Alba walked out of the recent Sundance screening of her latest film, The Killer Inside Me, controversy is brewing over the intense violence towards women on display throughout the film.

Casey Affleck stars as a small-town Texas deputy sheriff with murderous tendencies who lets out his pent up rage through sadomasochistic sex with Alba's character (the local town prostitute) and later Kate Hudson (Affleck's clueless fiancée).

The film, adapted from Jim Thompson's classic 1952 novel of the same title, is directed by Michael Winterbottom, who vehemently defends the violent scenes, telling Demetrios Matheou of the Guardian newspaper, "It's a brilliant book. And it is shocking. And I felt that we had to keep that element in the film. If you're going to tell a story told from the point of view of a killer who is crazy, and it's in that noir tradition anyway–a melodramatic, hardboiled kind of story–I think the audience should be shocked. If you make a film about murder that isn't shocking, that's far worse; there are too many films with violence for people to enjoy."

Check out the extended trailer below and tell us: What do you think, is the violence too much, or is Winterbottom just trying to capture the original intensity of the novel?