Jessica Alba Thinks Her 'Escape From Planet Earth' Character is "Crazy!" (EXCLUSIVE)

With her new movie, Escape From Planet Earth opening in theaters this Friday, we hopped on the phone with Jessica Alba to find out what it was like playing an alien in the highly anticipated animated film.

The lovely, soft-spoken actress, whose sweet, girl-next-door charm helped make movies like Honey, Never Been Kissed and Valentine's Day major hits, told us that she has very little in common with her character in this movie —a bitter, loveless alien named Lena Thackleman, who is hellbent on destroying the world. 

“Nothing!” Alba shouted with a laugh when we asked her what she has in common with Lena. “I mean, I’m not a blue alien. I don’t have a bob. I have kids," she explained. 

Unlike Alba, who has been married for nearly five years to husband Cash Warren—with whom she has two daughters (Honor Marie, 5 and Haven Garner, 2)—Lena is single and determined to find love at any cost. "I think everybody wants to be loved – even baddies," Alba explained. "And this alien never really had luck with another partner in any way, so she had to go to another planet to find love," she said.

"She's willing to sacrifice her own planet for it. Which is even more of a reason to call that alien crazy {Laughs}—completely crazy. I don’t feel like I’m that crazy!” she added.

Still, as crazy as Lena may be, Alba said she doesn’t mind having nothing in common with her character. “I think that’s what was fun about playing her,” she said. "She has no limits. So it was fun to play!"

Escape From Planet Earth opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow. Watch the trailer below!