Jessica Alba Celebrates "Valentine's Day," Struggles to Find Time for Romance

The Hollywood premiere for the movie Valentine’s Day was the very definition of star-studded, considering that the ensemble cast includes Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx, to name just a few. But sporting a short emerald Prouenza Schouler dress heavily embellished with feathery sequined trim and green eye shadow to match, Jessica Alba stood out in the A-List crowd. 

Rocking a cute new layered-with-bangs bob, Alba looks quite different than she does in the movie as Kutcher’s girlfriend Morley. Not only is her hair long and straight as the commitment-shy character, it’s blond!  “It was a lot of time at the salon,” Alba says of the look. “This is easier.”

That’s of prime importance to busy mom Alba, who tells that finding time for romance with husband Cash Warren is tricky with a 19-month-old at home. Honor “goes to bed at 7, but I’m usually too tired, unfortunately. But we’re pretty spontaneous.  We try to squeeze in a smooch here and there, a little card, a note to say I love you,” says Alba, who finds that the key to a successful relationship is simply “communicating.”

One Valentine’s Day theme involves best friends who fall in love, and Alba says she can relate. “I married my best friend for sure,” she affirms.  We were friends first,” she says, adding with a smile, “It lasted ten days.”

Alba has four movies awaiting release, including The Killer Inside Me and the Meet the Fockers sequel, but there could also be a New Year’s Eve in her future. Valentine’s Day screenwriter Katherine Fugate is penning a New York City-set ensemble romantic comedy about a different set of characters, also to be directed by Garry Marshall, and Fugate says he’ll invite some off the cast to star.