10 of Jennifer Lopez's Sexiest Roles of All Time!

Jennifer Lopez is heating up the big-screen in the new crime film, Parker, in theaters today. The film, directed by Taylor Hackford, has gotten plenty of buzz for its action-packed storyline and racy scenes. In honor of J.Lo's role in the Hollywood blockbuster, we are counting down her sexiest roles ever! Enjoy!

1. JLo Sexy Roles: Parker

Parker, 2012

Jennifer Lopez redefines the term partner in crime for her role as Leslie Rodgers in the new thriller, Parker. The Boricua actress, who plays a real estate agent, shares steamy scenes with Jason Statham and is even seen flaunting her toned physique in her underwear. What a scene-stealer!

2. JLo Sexy Roles: Enough

Enough, 2002

In this drama-thriller, the 43-year-old actress plays an abused woman named Slim, who eventually runs away, takes self-defense classes, and kicks her cheating ex-husband’s ass. Now what’s sexier than that?

3. JLo Sexy Roles: Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes, 2001

J.Lo plays a tough Chicago police officer named Sharon in this romantic drama. After an intense chase scene with a few criminals, her character is saved by her love interest Chase (played by Jim Caviezel). They are both tortured souls who make-out a lot. The end.

4. JLo Sexy Roles: The Cell

The Cell, 2000

Brave enough to dive deep in a serial killer’s mind, psychologist Catherine (played by Jennifer) helps the FBI save his final victim. She eventually becomes trapped in his dark universe, which is overshadowed by his childhood memories. Her performance is chilling and unforgettable – especially in the mask scene alongside co-star Vince Vaughn.

5. JLo Sexy Roles: Out of Sight

Out of Sight, 1998

Lopez plays a no nonsense U.S. Marshal who’s in deep with a career criminal (played by George Clooney). Their heated chemistry (all we have to say is ‘bathtub scene,’ ‘trunk scene,’ and ‘hotel strip scene’) made this crime flick one of her best and sexiest works.


6. JLo Sexy Roles: Money Train

Money Train, 1998

This action-comedy was one of the first big-screen movies starring J.Lo as Grace Santiago. She demanded attention in the ring and out as John’s love interest (played by Wesley Snipes). Their romance scenes were anything but lukewarm…

7. JLo Sexy Roles: Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance, 2004

Richard Gere's character John Clark is transfixed by Paulina (played by J.Lo) the second he sees her staring out of a dance studio window. He decides to sign up for classes and shake is midlife crisis away. J.Lo teaches him the right moves and eventually challenges herself to compete in the Blackpool, a dance competition she lost years ago. What’s sexier than never giving up?

8. JLo Sexy Roles: The Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner, 2001

Humor can be sexy too! J.Lo plays a no nonsense wedding planner named Mary, who falls for a newly engaged doctor Steve Edison (played by Matthew McConaughey). Who can forget the hilarious scene when he rescues her by a moving dumpster and she says, “You saved my shoe!”

9. JLo Sexy Roles: Monster-in-Law

Monster-in-Law, 2005

From the moment Jennifer’s character Charlie said ‘yes’ to the ring, she was in for trouble. Her fiancé’s overprotective mom (played by Jane Fonda) is prepared to do all that it takes to stop the nuptials, but Charlie is ready to bitch slap her way down the aisle! Literally.

10. JLo Sexy Roles: Selena

Selena, 1997

Jennifer Lopez nailed her role as the late Tejano singer, Selena Quintanilla. Lopez honored Selena’s life with her incredible talent and stage presence. Her portrayal was epic, and remains one of her best movies of all time.