Javier Bardem's Sexiest Movie Moments

Javier Bardem may have won his Oscar for playing a terrifying bad guy with corny clothes and the unsexiest haircut ever in No Country for Old Men, but for pretty much the rest of his career, Bardem has been the personification of sex onscreen. Just look at his big almond eyes, Greek god’s bone structure and beefcake body, and an utterly masculine brand of seduction emerges that could conquer a nun. Is it any wonder that this week, he’s back to sexy form playing a seductive Brazilian in Eat Pray Love?

We think not. The man has a history. Check out five of his most smoldering roles (Warning: Turn on the AC now.):

1. J. Bardem: Jamon, Jamon

Jamon Jamon (1992): The future Sr. y Sra. Bardem first paired up in this raunchy comedy in which Javier plays a lothario hired to seduce a woman (Penelope Cruz) by her fiance’s mother. So he’s not exactly the marrying kind. But the pick you up and throw you up against the wall type? Oh yeah. Javi’s physique is flawless in this movie and you can see all of it in a scene of him bullfighting naked in the moonlight.

2. J. Bardem: Huevos de Oro

Huevos de Oro (1993)—Listen, there’s nothing subtle—starting with the title—about this admittedly cheeseball movie about a sleazy construction worker who uses women for money. Just accept it, and then enjoy the sex scenes, which basically amount to a manual to rival the Kama Sutra.

3. J. Bardem: Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth (1996)—A rare slapstick comedy for Javi, he plays an straight-laced, glasses-wearing unemployed actor who works at a phone sex company to make rent. He’s adorable, bumbling but somehow sexy. Powerful combo!

4. J. Bardem: Live Flesh

Live Flesh (1997): As much as Javi has played the relentless, aggressive seductor who takes, takes, takes, he is not afraid to give back in a big way. In this Almodovar thriller, he plays a wheelchair-bound nice guy who is nevertheless flexible (and naughty) enough to, uh, get down—way down—to business in one explicit scene.

5. J. Bardem: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)—Verifiable proof that though Javi has bared all onscreen, he really doesn’t need to remove a stitch of clothing to seduce women: The scene in this Woody Allen movie in which he casually saunters over and invites the film’s two titular characters (played by Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall) to spend the weekend with him. "I’ll show you around the city, and we’ll eat well. We’ll drink good wine. We’ll make love." Sold!

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