Javier Bardem Talks About Villain Role in New 007 Flick 'Skyfall'

Javier Bardem is tapping into the essence of what super-villains are made of for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.

The Spanish actor plays 007’s badass villain Raoul Silva in the new film directed by Sam Mendes. Javier spoke to MTV News about the vision for developing Raoul’s character. "[Silva] was open to different interpretations. It was Sam's idea for the word 'uncomfortableness' that made the imagination be triggered in me," said the actor.

Javier, who captured the inner workings of a serial killer for the Cormac McCarthy adaptation, No Country for Old Men, also added, "From that word and from that key point came the look and the behavior and the tone and all that."

In celebrating its 50th anniversary, the latest addition of the Bond franchise promises to pay homage to the past without overloading in nostalgia. “We knew that this is the movie that celebrates 50 years, so we knew in some way, there must be something classic about the Bond villain to do this little and humble homage."

He continues, “From that, we can also start to add some flavor to Silva that will remind us what Bond villains used to be in the early times.”

Skyfall premieres in theaters November 8. Will you be seeing it?