Is Javier Bardem the New James Bond?

Bardem, Javier Bardem!

OK, so Javier isn't going to be the next James Bond in director, Sam Mendes' (American Beauty) Bond sequel, Bond 23, but the Oscar-winning Spanish actor is now confirmed to play the movie's central villain! And if that villain is anything like Bardem's No Country for old Men baddie, Anton Chigurh, then Daniel Craig is in an awful lot of peligro!

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Daniel Craig will reprise his role as Bond in the sequel, and Judi Dench will be back as "M." Newcomer Naomie Harris has signed on to play the new Bond girl, while Ralph Fiennes will play a character that is said to be "darkly complex."

Javier Bardem Will Save Civilization

Wonder if that means Bardem is dropping out of Ron Howard's Dark Tower?

Bond 23 is scheduled to begin production later this year and is expected to hit the big screen in October 2012.

Are you excited for Bond 23?