Introducing 'Footloose' Star Ziah Colon

We're proud to report that Puerto Rican actress Ziah Colon is one of the stars of the highly anticipated remake of Footloose, which hits theaters nationwide this Friday, October 14th! 

In the movie, which is of course based on the successful 1984 classic about a small town where music and dancing are banned, Colon plays Rusty Rodriguez, the iconic character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the original film. In an interview with Movie Web, Colon said she was aware of who the character Rusty was. “I knew she was this funky, smart girl. I knew that going in,” the Boricua said. “I kept that. I kept her essence, I think.”

Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Colon performed for family and friends as a child. When she grew older, she studied in The Company Acting Studio based in Atlanta, and later appeared in local theatre shows. Colon was often told that she appeared ethnically ambiguous – a look that wasn’t considered popular at the time.

Colon went on to star in multiple commercials and got her first big break on the Lifetime shows, Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva. Her ethnic ambiguity proved useful – Colon was later cast in Road Trip: Beer Pong, in which she played a Middle Eastern emergency telephone operator.

But her role in Footloose is her biggest role to date. “I was so excited and had so much fun filming that I don't think I had time to be nervous,” she told Break a leg, Ziah!

Check out the trailer for Footloose below: