Introducing 'A Better Life' Star, Chelsea Rendon

In real life, Mexican actress, Chelsea Rendon seems like your typical girl-next-door. She's always smiling, she's bubbly and fun, and she seems genuinely innocent and sweet. But in the new movie, A Better Life (in select cities June 24th), Rendon plays Ruthie Valdez, the unscrupulous girlfriend of the film's main character, Luis Riquelme (Jose Julian).

"A Better Life is a story about a father and son—the father is a gardener, he works really hard, he's an immigrant—and his son is being persuaded by me, his bad influence girlfiend, to get into the gangs and that type of stuff," says Rendon, 18. "And it's basically just about how the relationship grows and how the father and the son end up coming closer," she adds. 

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A Los Angeles native, Chelsea knew from a very young age that she wanted to be an actress. In fact, one of her earliest memories is using a vacuum cleaner hose as a microphone to perform all of the songs from the movie Selena. How cute is that?

While she's had small guest roles on TV shows like Flash Forward, The Shield and ER, A Better Life is Chelsea's first prominent role in a movie. And it's a good first project — the indie film (which was directed by Twilight New Moon helmer, Chris Weitz) hasn't even come out yet and is already generating Oscar buzz!