'Illegal Tender'

1. Illegal Tender 01

Charismatic and beautifulóstar of the show actress Wanda de Jesus says of her dress, "Keeping it nice and easy with BCBG."

2. Illegal Tender 02

Fellow co-stars Julie Carmen and Angelic Zambrana having fun for the camera, especially after a thrilling audience approval of the premiere.

3. Illegal Tender 03

Illegal Tender Writer and Director Franc Reyes getting his shine-on with Sony recording artist Kat de Luna.

4. Illegal Tender 04

Wanda de Jesus with co-star Manny Perez. He plays her husband Wilson de Leon Sr. He tells Latina.com, "...They say that we are the majority but I don't see it there yet in Hollywood. So hopefully this'll show Hollywood that we are major."

5. Illegal Tender 05

Co-star Dania Ramirez is stunning in her leopard print Dina Bar El dress. Beside her is the gracious and talented  producer John Singleton. He tells Latina.com,"We are trying to change the whole framework of entertainment."

6. Illegal Tender 06

Antonio Ortizó. This young actor makes his big-screen debut as the adorable little brother Randy. He describes the experience as "Awesome!"

7. Illegal Tender 07

Illegal Tender heart-throb star Rick Gonzalez with girlfriend, posed while on their way into the theater.

8. Illegal Tender 08

Tego Calderon makes is acting debut in Illegal Tender as Choco. Fellow co-star Manny Perez says of his acting, "Tego is: a natural, down-to-earth actor."

9. Illegal Tender 09

Co-star Jessica Pimentel was absolutely ecstatic of the audiences positive reaction. She shows off her vintage Versace.

10. Illegal Tender 10

Actor Luis Guzm·n arriving to the after-party at the Marquee wearing this curious personal graphic tee. He wore a black one to the premiere. How should the tee read? Luis Heads NY? Bravo on the advertising!

11. Illegal Tender 11

The whole Illegal Tender cast was absolutely genuine and giving in their interviews.

12. Illegal Tender 12

Actresses Jessica Pimentel and Angelic Zambrana play sisters in the film. Aren't they glowing about working with John Singleton?