'Hunger Games': A Latino Star Recast

Hunger Games hits theaters next week, and we can't stop talking about the mystical film based on the best-selling novel by Suzanne Collins. The fantasy flick may have a lot of fans, but there's only one thing missing - Latino actors! We are recasting the Hunger Games with some of the most talented Latinos in Hollywood. Find out who made the cut and let us know if you agree!

1. Hunger Games: Alexa Vega

Katniss Everdeen: Alexa Vega

We can’t think of a better Latina to play the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games than Alexa Vega. The Colombian actress, known for playing Carmen Cortez on Spy Kids, is skilled at portraying a no-nonsense badass who’s ready to attack malicious characters against world domination. Plus, we can totally picture her rocking a bow and arrow like a true warrior for social justice like Jennifer Lawrence.

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2. Hunger Games: Jake T. Austin

Peeta Mellark: Jake T. Austin

Who can fight to the death, walk out a winner, and still seem as sweet and quiet as Peeta Mellark? We think part-Argentinean and Puerto Rican actor Jake T. Austin is perfect for the role. The Disney actor, who stars in The Wizards of Waverly Place, has the kind-hearted appeal and gallant personality fit for one of the lead male roles played by Josh Hutcherson.

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3. Hunger Games: Tyler Posey

Gale Hawthorne: Tyler Posey

You want Gale Hawthorne on your team for the Hunger Games! Katniss Everdeen’s Latino best friend, great hunter, and protector should be Tyler Posey. The Mexican actor played a teenager-turned-werewolf-hunter in MTV’s Teen Wolf series. His olive skin and black hair is also on-point with the Hawthorne’s look more than Liam Hemsworth. We have a winner!

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4. Hunger Games: Sofia Vergara

Effie Trinket: Sofia Vergara

Nothing against Elizabeth Banks, but we think Sofia Vergara was born for the role of Effie Trinket! The Hunger Games escort has a larger than life personality paired with pink hair and crazy outfits to match. The Modern Family actress is a pro at playing caricatures with depth and irony. Why isn’t she Effie, again?

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5. Hunger Games: John Leguizamo

Haymitch Abernathy: John Leguizamo

The lovable yet equally dislikable character of Haymitch Abernathy played by Woody Harrelson has to go to Hollywood veteran John Leguizamo. Haymitch may be a drunk, but he is also a survivor. The Colombian actor is also known for playing multi-layered characters with a wild side like Roger Pena in Paraiso Travel.

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6. Hunger Games: Bella Thorne

Primrose Everdeen: Bella Thorne

Don’t expect any badass moves from Primrose Everdeen played by Willow Shields. Unlike her sister, she is a compassionate healer whose heart aches at the site of violence. Half-Cuban Disney starlet Bella Thorne has landed the role in our recast for her innocent looks and love of animals.

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7. Hunger Games: Ricky Martin

Cinna: Ricky Martin

Katniss’ stylist, Cinna, is flamboyant and charismatic, which is why we offer the role to Ricky Martin! The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer always has impeccable style and a bright personality to match. That the role is played by Lenny Kravitz also convinces us that the Latino version should be a pop star. Sí, we love it!

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8. Hunger Games: Edward James Olmos

President Coriolanus Snow: Edward James Olmos

The President of Panem is willing to step on whomever for the sake of protecting his Capitol. We think Edward James Olmos would be perfect for the powerful role played by Donald Sutherland. We can already picture the Mexican Emmy and Golden Globe winner playing the cruel and manipulative dictator. He was born for the role, if you ask us!

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9. Hunger Games: Javier Bardem

Caesar Fickerman: Javier Bardem

We love the interviewer for being a glass half full kind of guy! Spanish actor and Golden Globe-winner Javier Bardem would master the role since he captivates the audience so effortlessly in every role he places. Bravo Bardem!

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