10 Hot-Hot-Hot Military Men in Movies!

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? With more than 157,000 Latinos representing active-duty military forces, it’s no wonder these sexy stars played them in box office hits. Check out the hottest Latinos serving our country (on-screen, that is!).

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John Leguizamo

Movie: Casualties of War

This sexy Colombian plays Private Antonio Diaz, a solider that becomes part of a squad fighting in the Vietnam War. He sweats and gets dirty but he certainly looks good doing it, don’t you think?

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Benjamin Bratt

Movie: The Great Raid

He plays Lt. Col. Henry Mucci in the box office hit The Great Raid, where he goes on a dangerous mission. Honestly, Ben, we would follow you on any mission. Period.

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Joaquin Phoenix

Movie: Buffalo Soldiers

This Puerto Rican Oscar-winning actor plays Specialist Ray Elwood: a badass battalion secretary turned black market dealer. He’s a guy looking to put some money in his pocket and his bad boy ways just make it that much better. 

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Laz Alonso

Movie: Jarhead

Semper Fi! This Cubano hunk plays Lance Corporal Ramon Escobar in Jarhead. He’s always loyal to his fellow Marines but we just wish he could be loyal to us. (Wink, wink.)

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Michael Peña

Movie: The Lucky Ones

He’s injured but he still looks smoking hot. This Mexican superstar plays Sergeant T.K. Poole in The Lucky Ones, a movie that tells the story of three soldiers who come back to discover life has moved on without them. Can Pena just move on with us by his side? Yes, please!

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Andy Garcia

Movie: For Greater Glory (Cristiada)

Yet another Cubano playing a man in uniform defending his country, Garcia plays Gen. Enrique Gorosteita Velarde in the Mexican war film: For Greater Glory. He leads the rebels fighting to protect their Catholic faith, our hero!

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Amaury Nolasco

Movie: Transformers

Otro puertorriqueño kicking ass and taking names, he plays Aircraft Control and Warning Officer Jorge “Fig” Figueroa in the box-office hit, Transformers. His characters faith is still uncertain but we sure hope we get to see him in his sexy uniform again.

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Erik Estrada

Movie: Midway

A veteran actor in Hollywood, this Puerto Rican starred in the 1976 military movie: Midway.  He plays Ensign “Chili Bean” Ramos a pilot in the U.S. Navy. He’s a man in charge and we love it.

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Martin Sheen

Movie: Apocalypse Now

This sexy Spaniard played Captain Benjamin L. Willard in the 1979 war film. Apocalypse Now. Yet another man in uniform sent on a dangerous mission.

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Charlie Sheen

Movie: Platoon

Like father, like son. Charlie Sheen played Private Chris Taylor in Platoon. He is a handsome college dropout who decides to volunteer to serve in the Vietnam War. He puts his life on a line for his country and we couldn’t find him sexier to for it.