Happy Birthday, Javier Bardem! His 5 Best Roles

This big hunk of a Spanish man turns 43 today! With a career that just keeps getting better (we can’t wait for his turn as a Bond villain in Skyfall later this year!) and a lovely wife (Penelope Cruz) and son (Leo), it looks like life is better than ever for the actor. Here, we look back at his best roles as we wait for more to come.

Happy Birthday, Javier! 

1. Javier Bardem: No Country

No Country for Old Men

Where to begin but his Academy Award-winning role as the intensely creepy Anton Chigurh? In No Country for Old Men, Javier earned every inch of his Best Supporting Actor Oscar as a seemingly un-killable killer who wields a cow stun gun as his weapon of choice and speaks in philosophical riddles that would send a chill up Satan’s spine. Javier simply created a villain for the ages.

2. Javier Bardem: The Sea Inside

The Sea Inside

It takes a great actor to elicit emotion and interest from an audience without leaving bed. And, with the exception of a couple of flashbacks, that’s exactly what Javier does in this heartbreaking Spanish real-life story of a man who is paralyzed in the prime of his life then spends decades in bed before committing assisted suicide. 

3. Javier Bardem: Before Night Falls

Before Night Falls

In another biopic, Javier plays Cuban poet and writer Reinaldo Arenas, who was persecuted by Castro’s government for his homosexuality, immigrated to the U.S. and died of AIDS—but not before writing the titular memoir. Javier’s Arenas is sexy, sharp and full of life, making his demise all the more poignant. The role earned him his first Oscar nomination.

4. Javier Bardem: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Playing a painter who loooooooooooooves women in this Woody Allen movie, Javier perfectly balances sexiness and arrogant charm to seduce not only two American women and an ex-wife and but us as well. 

5. Javier Bardem: Jamon Jamon

Jamon Jamon

Hello Javier! In his breakthrough film, Javier plays a ham factory worker and aspiring bullfighter who is hired by the snobbish mother of a pregnant girl’s fiancé to seduce the girl. Sexy, sexy, sexy, and dangerous is the best way to describe Javier’s character. You basically live to see him unzip his pants. Bonus: The girl is played by Penelope Cruz and this is the future husband and wife’s first film together. 

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