Guillermo Del Toro's Newest Project Is Utterly Terrifying

Guillermo Del Toro has made it his mission to discover the next big talent in horror. In conjunction with Legendary Pictures, the Mexican director has handpicked the spookiest finalists in the YouTube's House of Horror competition. The five short movies all deal with different aspects of horror: from ghosts to monsters to murderers and more. Plus, all five have been filmed on Gothic-horror sets "inspired by" Del Toro's upcoming feature, Crimson Peak. 

Accordingly to Deadline, all five finalists will receive creative consultation from the Pan's Labyrinth director — but just one of them will win a development deal with Legendary to expand their short. 

Take a look at the five finalists below, and tell us: which is your favorite? 

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1. Guillermo: Video 1

What Terrifies 20-Somethings On Halloween, written by Paul Gale and directed by T.J. Misny, deals with the terrifying implications of entering a haunted house.... with no cell phone service. 

2. Guillermo Video 2

Ghouls, goblins, and trolls... in harmony! Internet Trolls - The Halloween Musical, directed by Vijay Nazareth, proves that the supernatural can really hold a tune. 

3. Guillermo Video 3

Prepare to be terrified by The Passing. Directed by John Wynn, the short movie tells the story of two detectives attempting to sift through the tale of mysterious woman, a missing child, and an ominous secret. 

4. Guillermo Video 4

What happens when a man and woman wake up with burlap sacks over their heads in an unknown mansion? The Brothers Riedell explore the concept in their short, Dinner. 

5. Guillermo Video 5

Human Chair, directed by Pirates of Tokyo Bay, offers a surprise twist that will leave you tossing and turning at night.