Guillermo Del Toro Developing a "Spooky" Remake of Pinocchio

Guillermo Del Toro is a busy man, and he's about to get even busier. The Hellboy II and Pan's Labyrinth director has just added the fairy tale Pinocchio to a long list of films he is currently developing, including Frankenstein, The Hobbit, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But don't expect his take on the boy-turned-puppet to look anything like the sanitized Disney classic. The director tells (Ew?) that he's planning to use stop-motion animation, for one, and that the film will be faithful to the much darker, original fable as illustrated and conceived by Gris Grimly:

"The original story is far more perverse and spooky and semi-necrophilia vibe to it in certain aspects. Gris...wants to do this with that original spookiness in it, we are trying to get it going. The Jim Henson Company is behind it and we are currently working on the screenplay! Its not coming to a screen near you any time soon, even if it were to begin today it would be about three years in the making, but we are working to make it happen. A full-scale puppet universe takes time."

If this movie shapes up to be as cool as it sounds, we'll wait as long as you want, Guillermo.

How do you think Guillermo Del Toro's brand of creeptastic fantasy will fare with Disney Pinocchio fans?