Guess the Latino Voice! 10 Celebs Who Have Played Animated Characters

Puss in Boots FINALLY hits theaters today! We've been counting down the days until our fave feline got his own movie since the very first Shrek came out. What can we say? We've always been a fan of the most interesting cat in the world...and the gorgeous Spanish actor who plays him—none other than the suaver-then-suave Antonio Banderas! Once the producers upped the ante and cast our November cover girl Salma Hayek as the furry felon's partner in crime, Miss Kitty Softpaws, we were hooked.

After we caught an advance preview of Puss in Boots (go see it now! it's fantastic) we started thinking about who else from Latin Hollywood has lent their voices to animated films. As Banderas told us, Shrek creator/producer Jeffrey Katzenberg started the whole famous-celebs-as-voice-actors craze with the original movie back in 2001, but since then, almost all of the A-list has happily lent their vocal chords to creating unforgettable animated characters.

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