Go, Diego, Go!

Gael Garcia Bernal may make girls weak in the knees with his piercing green eyes and that masculine jaw, but his best friend and business partner, actor Diego Luna, is the one who sets our hearts aflutter. Diego is Matt Damon to Gael's Ben Affleck, if you will: more private, more low profile, but just as swoon-worthy.

In the May issue of Latina, the star of Y Tu Mamá Tambien and the upcoming Harvey Milk biopic Milk opens up to us about some things ("I'm a terrible dancer.") and keeps quiet about others (his rumored marriage to actress Camila Sodi), but leaves no doubt that he's ready to step out of the shadows and take over Hollywood.

On playing a Michael Jackson impersonator in his upcoming film Mr. Lonely:
"I was never a big fan of this guy, of Michael Jackson. I had to dance like him but the hardest part was not to think too much about him. So I had to do big research on him because I knew like four songs and that was it."

On starring in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights:
"Regret nothing. Not even Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. It was the same producer as Pulp Fiction! He convinced me with the music and ideas, but the film never achieved that. Careerwise, it did help me—to know what kind of projects I would never do again."

On his rivalry with fellow Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal:
"I rock. Gael sucks. We're really competitive with each other—in soccer. He lies to himself, thinking he's better than I am. So every time we're on the field, I show him that he's not."

On his vision for Canana Films, the company he started with Gael:
"It's a dream that we both had, the idea of having the chance to grow a family together, in a way. A family that shares the same passions, a family that would be with you when you're creating and a place where your ideas and your dreams can come to life."