Gina Rodriguez Stars in Romantic Comedy 'Sleeping With the Fishes'

Gina Rodriguez is starring in a new film, Sleeping With the Fishes, a colorful romantic comedy which delivers a fresh perspective on diverse families in America.

Set in Brooklyn, Sleeping With the Fishes follows Alexis, played by Rodriguez, a Latina Jew with an overprotective familia. She ends up on a journey to self-discovery when she falls for a hunky guy from a very different background.

Sleeping With the Fishes will introduce audiences to a family not often seen on screen: the movie will portray a Latino/Jewish household. Director Nicole Gomez Fisher based it on her own multicultural upbringing and felt the plot was very relevant to modern times.

“There’s so much of that side we don’t see in Hollywood,” Fisher told Latino Review. “Being half Jewish, we grew up with Christmas trees but had Jewish ornaments.”

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