George Lopez and Ashton Kutcher Chat About Twitter

Comedian George Lopez recently had a funny conversation with his Valentine’s Day co-star Ashton Kutcher about the merits of Twitter. When Lopez told Kutcher that he was embarrassed by his 20,000 followers in the face of Kutcher’s staggering 3.5 million devotees, Kutcher explained that it’s not all about the numbers. “It’s about how you move the fish,” he said. “It’s how you work the tool.” Kutcher added that he and his wife, actress Demi Moore, have come to rely on Twitter as a form of communication. “We don’t talk anymore,” the actor joked. “We decided our relationship works best when we’re virtually communicating."

Ultimately, Kutcher hopes to create a Twitter revolution of sorts. “It’s not about Twitter,” he said. “It’s about connecting with the people [and creating] unity. And from that unity you create action.” An impressed Lopez added, “He’s beautiful on the inside, too.” Check out the clip below: