Gael's New Movie Booed, Peruvian Drama Wins Top Prize at Berlin Film Festival

Gael Garcia Bernal's movies are typically received with open arms and worldwide acclaim, but this time? Not so much? The Mexican A-lister's latest independent film project, Mammoth, was loudly booed by attendees at the Berlin Film Festival, and it's being described as "Babel on tranquilizers," which is definitely not something we'd like to see. Those movie buffs in Berlin are apparently quite vocal about which films they dislike, as they once infamously reduced Jennifer Lopez to tears back in 2007 by booing her dismal star turn in Bordertown. Harsh!

On a lighter note, there was still a major triumph for Latinos at the BFF—La Teta Asustada (Milk of Sorrow), a Peruvian film by director Claudia Llosa, received the festival's top accolade, The Golden Bear. The somber, poignant story is centered around protagonist Fausta, who is grimly affected by rebel violence in her village and imagines passing the sorrow on to her daughter via her breast milk. Director Llosa dedicated her award to the country that made it possible. "This is for Peru. This is for our country," said Llosa, adding, "I hope more women will be encouraged by this. We need more women directors, actors, we need more women in films."

We couldn't agree more. Hopefully Llosa's film will hit our shores soon so that we can all see it (but press play below to watch its trailer in the meantime). And here's hoping that Mammoth meets the opposite fate; we'd rather keep Gael's winning streak alive and pretend this little misstep never happened!

WATCH: Official trailer for La Teta Asustada