Gael Garcia Bernal Partners with Amnesty International for Film Series on Immigration

Gael García Bernal has partnered up with Amnesty International to produce and direct a series of four documentary films chronicling the plight of the immigrant experience called, The Invisibles.

“We made The Invisibles to shine a light on the abuses migrants suffer as they traverse Mexico. As the world’s experts on migration gather in Puerto Vallarta for the Global Forum on Migration and Development this week, hundreds of miles away migrants in Mexico are facing terrible dangers” says Sarah Shebbeare, Amnesty International Mexico campaigner and executive producer of the films.

Each year thousands of Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans suffer from sexual assault, physical abuse and death on the perilous journey to the United States.

“The Mexican authorities must protect migrants in our country. The law must protect us all, whether nationals or foreigners. It’s essential Mexico sets a good example in the way it treats migrants”, said Gael.

García Bernal chronicles the harrowing voyage in four vignettes. The first, called Seaworld, follows a girl traveling with her family who dreams of visiting the legendary aquarium. Six out of Ten, uses the startling statistic that more than half of the women who embark on the journey to America will be sexually abused to illustrate the difficulties for female immigrants, while What Remains tells the story of families left behind, never to hear from their loved ones again. The final film, 'GOAL!' examines what motivates immigrants to make the journey, knowing full-well that they may not make it out alive.

Watch Six out of Ten below and visit to watch the rest of the films: