Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna Teaming Up with Will Ferrell for Spanish-Language Comedy

They’re at it again! Best buds Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, who have teamed up in two movies and seem to do everything together (including becoming daddies months apart from each other), will once again be co-stars. They just signed on to star alongside Will Ferrell in a Spanish-language comedy called Casa de Mi Padre.

You heard right: the goofball genius that is Ferrell is making a movie in Spanish! Something tells us he can pull it off, especially with the help of Gael and Diego, who showed their own dorky comedic chops in last year’s Rudo y Cursi (after breaking out in Alfonso Cuaron’s instant classic Y Tu Mama Tambien).

The Ferrell-produced flick’s storyline is a tightly kept secret for now, but word is it will be told in the melodramatic telenovela form and feature English-language subtitles. Diego will play Ferrell’s brother and Gael will play a close family friend. Costarring in the movie are Genesis Rodriguez (of Doña Barbara and Entourage fame) as Ferrell’s love interest, Pedro Armendariz Jr., Adrian Martinez and Hector Jimenez.