10 Funny Moments from Aubrey Plaza’s ‘The To Do List’ Trailers

Aubrey Plaza is a virgin…on film. In her first lead role in The To Do List (July 26), the Puerto Rican, British and Irish actress portrays Brandy Clark, a high school senior whose main objective before she starts college is to become well versed in the book of love sex. The Parks & Recreation star is making our sides hurt with all the one-liners in the trailers, so we’re sure the actual movie will be a comedic explosion (think Superbad for women). Check out the funniest lines from the trailers!

“Get off the stage, virgin!”—a fellow classmate to Clark at graduation during her valedictorian speech.

“Lets get out of this family f***fest and go to a party.”—Fiona (Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat) to Brandy in front of their parents at graduation.

“Motor boating? I’m glad he has a boat. That should be easy.”— Brandy.

“I’ve decided to lose my virginity to Rusty Waters.”—Brandy to her friend Fiona through a fast food drive-through speaker. “You want fries with that?”—Fiona back to Brandy.

“Is this shorts or a skirt?”—Guy making out with Brandy. “Neither. They’re skorts!”—Brandy to guy.