10 Funny Moments from Aubrey Plaza’s ‘The To Do List’ Trailers

“Shut the front door, Amber!”—Brandy to sister. “Shut the back door!”—Amber (The O.C.’s Rachel Bilson) to Brandy. “Not the back door! There’s doors we don’t do!”—Their dad (The Avengers’ Clark Gregg)

“There’s penises everywhere!”—Amber talking to Brandy about college. “Penises everywhere?”—Brandy. “It’s awesome.”—Amber

“Tea bagging? Must be British.”—Brandy.

“Not once I learn how to pearl necklace. It actually sounds kind of elegant.”—Brandy. “It’s not.”—Fiona

“I kissed his nipple. But I don’t know why.”—Brandy.