Film’s Biggest Latina Vixens!

Natalie Morales’ deliciously vicious trader in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps inspired us to recall the cattiest, most vengeful movie characters played by Latinas. Check them out and tell us your faves in the comments below. Meow!

1. Latina Vixens: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz as Maria Elena (Vicky Cristina Barcelona): Spaniards are blunt (just watch any Almodovar flick where people trade insults like compliments), but Penelope takes it to stratospheric levels in this Woody Allen flick as Marielena, a firebrand artist with a talent for withering humiliation.

Signature line/scene: This exchange between her and her ex-husband’s (Javier Bardem, of course) new lover (Scarlett Johansson):

Marielena: “You speak no Spanish? Why?”

Cristina: “I studied Chinese.”

Marielana: “Why?”

Cristina: “I thought it sounded pretty.”

Marielena: “Say something in Chinese.”

Cristina: “Ni hao ma.”

Marielena: “You think that sounds pretty?”

2. Latina Vixens: Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker as Kate (Over My Dead Body): She was nasty while alive—as a self-absorbed bridezilla who treats everyone like dirt and gets crushed to death by a carved ice angel sculpture on her wedding day. But as a ghost who comes back to prevent her brokenhearted ex-fiancé from moving on with a psychic, the claws really come out.

Signature line: To her ex-fiance’s psychic/love interest, who can see her: “I don’t need any sleep. I can hound you every second of every day.”

3. Latina Vixens: Rossy de Palma

Rossy de Palma as Marisa (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown): There are plenty of deplorable moments to go around in this Almodovar classic where women slap, yell, throw things and hold guns to each other, all over one cowardly dude. But the top dog is the snobbish, sexually repressed Marisa, who puts down everyone who crosses her path.

Signature line: “Callate!” which she seems to say every other sentence.

4. Latina Vixen: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz as Christina (Any Given Sunday): As the owner and general manager of the fictional Miami Sharks football team, who inherited the job from her dad, Christina is all business and no heart (well, till the end of the film, anyway).

Signature line: “Why the hell do you think my father put me in charge, you bullheaded moron? You got old!”

5. Latina Vixens: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba as Kirsten (Never Been Kissed): In this sweet chick flick, in which Drew Barrymore plays a reporter who poses as a high school student to do a teen life expose, Jessica Alba plays an uppity girl who is part of a mean-girl clique and humiliates Josie like it’s her job.

Signature line: “It’s Kirsten.” (When Josie calls her Kristen.)

6. Latina Vixens: Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson as Gail (Sin City): Let’s face it: You can’t make a living managing girls of the night to an aggressive male clientele without basically wearing ‘ballbuster’ on your forehead. As Gail, Rosario Dawson, wears a dominatrix outfit and a spiky haircut—and you can’t blame her.

Signature line: “He's dead. He's just too damn dumb to know it.”

7. Latina Vixens: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes as Crystal (The Women): Eva is hilariously catty as the lingerie-flaunting man-thief in this otherwise bland flick—one big cautionary tale for chicas who might let themselves go.

Signature line: “A woman never steals another woman’s husband. They usually go willingly.”

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