Fidel Castro Loves Benicio del Toro's 'Che'

According to Page Six, Fidel Castro is smitten with Steven Soderbergh's recounting of revolutionary leader (and Castro comrade) Che Guevara's epic life. Starring Benicio del Toro in the titular role, the film will be screened next month in Havana, Cuba at the New Latin American Film Festival. Event president Alfredo Guevara previously indicated that the film would not be screened if it was critical of the regime currently in power in Cuba. Luckily for Soderbergh, Che managed to pass the test, with Fidel eventually green-lighting the screening.

Page Six went on to refer to the famous revolutionary leader as a "T-shirt icon", which we found pretty offensive. No matter how you feel about Che and his influence both while he was alive and since his death, to try to reduce his legacy to a symbol on a t-shirt seems downright disrespectful not only to his lasting legacy but to his family.