EXCLUSIVE: What Is 'Twilight' Star Christian Serratos Wearing to Bella's Wedding?

With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 premiering this Friday (Nov. 18th), we caught up with Mexican actress Christian Serratos, who plays Bella's best human friend Angela Weber in the film. Serratos, 21, dished exclusively to Latina.com about the dress her character Angela wore to the wedding, why Breaking Dawn is the boldest of all the Twilight films, and why every girl can relate to Bella. 

We love your character Angela Weber in all of the Twilight movies. What is she up to in The Twlight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1!

Everyone is going to get to see the wedding—finally. So you catch up with all of the humans and Angela’s at the wedding.

Are Angela and Bella still as close as always?

Ever since the first movie, they kind of had a friendly bond—seeing as how Angela is really one of the rare few that was trying to be a genuine friend.

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Is she Bella’s Maid of Honor?

I don’t think there were any Maids of Honor. It may have been Alice. But no, we’re just patrons who are there to view the wedding!

Tell us about the dress that Angela wears to the wedding!

Oh my God! I can tell you that I couldn’t breathe in it! I was wearing like a napkin—it was a very small dress. But it was beautiful—a really pretty strapless gold.

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How does Breaking Dawn measure up with the other Twilight movies?

It's going to be the boldest—which is what all of the fans want. I think a lot of people chose Breaking Dawn as their favorite book—I know it's my favorite book. So I think there's a lot riding on this movie and I think everyone's going to be really happy with how it came out. These movies are strictly for the devout fans and they're definitely going to have everything in this one that they wanted from the book. 

Who's your favorite character from Breaking Dawn?

Bella. That's why you read the book. You're reading from her perspective. I feel like every girl that reads the book relates to Bella in one way or another or they wouldn't have that addicted feeling that they can't put it down. That's why I think Stephenie Meyer did such a great job, because Bella can be every girl.