EXCLUSIVE: Sara Paxton Explains Why Hollywood Won’t Let Her Play Latina

Half-Mexican Sara Paxton has played all kinds of roles in her career. The 23-year-old actress put on fins to play a mermaid in the movie Aquamarine (2006), starred as a self-centered sorority president in Sydney White (2007), and played a girl who was tortured and killed in Wes Craven's dark horror movie, The Last House On the Left (2009). But despite her versatility as an actress, there's one role that Hollywood hasn't allowed Sara to play yet: the role of a Latina.

When we asked the 23-year-old actress why she's never played a Latina, Paxton explained: "I’ve tried! Are you kidding me? I’ve gone on auditions and I’ve been like, 'You know my family’s [Latin]... I’ve spoken a little bit of Spanish, and they’re just like, 'Ha ha ha – that’s good!' And I’m like ‘what?’ she says with a laugh. Paxton adds: “They’re not going to hire the 'white girl' to play Latina."

Paxton, whose father Steve is of Irish, Scottish and English descent and whose mother Lucia was born in Monterrey, Mexico, has four new movies coming out this year, including the indie Enter Nowhere, which is premiering at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately, because of Hollywood's penchant for type-casting, Sara won't be playing a Latina in any of them. Still, she isn't giving up. Asked if she plans on auditioning for more Latina roles in the future, the actress said,“Oh yeah! Of course!”