EXCLUSIVE: Rodrigo Santoro Talks About Filming With The ‘Dudes Group’ For ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’

As the What To Expect When You’re Expecting movie trailer alludes to, “There is no judging in the ‘dudes group,’ which includes Chris Rock, Thomas Lennon, Ben Falcone, Rob Huebel and Amir Talai. The new comedy about the joys and woes about parenting is all about the power of fatherhood – something that Rodrigo Santoro’s character tries to embrace.

Rodrigo Santoro Cast As Jennifer Lopez's Husband

The Brazilian actor plays Jennifer Lopez’s anxious partner Nate in the film. We spoke exclusively with the heartthrob about his character, “I play a musician who writes soundtracks for commercials. [Jennifer Lopez and I] want to have a baby, but she is having some issues with conceiving and we are thinking about adoption.” Santoro adds, “My character just doesn’t feel like he’s ready to adopt a kid. His journey is learning and accepting that and also learning what it is like to be a father.”  

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Santoro, who starred in the hit film 300, also talks about what it was like filming with the ‘dudes group,’ “The fun part was working with Chris Rock and all of the stand-up actors who are incredibly fast and they improvise like crazy. It was pretty amazing.”

Watch the new What To Expect When You’re Expecting movie trailer featuring the papas and let us know what you think!