EXCLUSIVE: No Nudity for Edgar Ramirez in ‘Wrath of the Titans’

If you’re hoping to see Edgar Ramirez shirtless in the fantasy action film Wrath of the Titans (the sequel to the 2010 Blockbuster hit Clash of the Titans), you’re—sadly—out of luck.

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The 34-year-old Venezuelan actor, who is best known for his Golden Globe and Emmy- nominated performance in the biopic Carlostells Latina.com exclusively that he wont be showing any skin while portraying Ares the God of War in the highly anticipated popcorn flick. “Whatever would function as a t-shirt was like 8 kilos heavy, so I couldn’t take it off,” Ramirez says of his wardrobe in the film. “I wasn’t strong {enough} to take it off {Laughs}.

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The talented actor, who famously went full-frontal in last year's Carlos, adds: “There’s no {nudity}. I showed enough in Carlos, so let’s wait a little bit!”