EXCLUSIVE: Mia Maestro on 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn': "It's Definitely A More International Cast"

There are four Latino stars in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1 (opening in theaters nationwide on Nov. 18th). Mexican actress Christian Serratos is back as Bella's (Kristen Stewart) best human friend Angela Weber, and Mexican actor Alex Meraz reprises his role as the angry and volatile werewolf Paul Lahote. New to the cast are Mexican actor Christian Camargo and Argentine actress Mia Maestro (who will be playing the Cullens' cousins in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2).

When we caught up with Maestro last week, she told us it doesn't surprise her one bit that Breaking Dawn is the most diverse Twilight movie to date. "One of the main plots of Breaking Dawn is that Edward and Bella gather all the vampires from all over the world, so it’s definitely a more international cast," said Maestro. Read on to find out what else the actress dished about the film, including what she thought of Bella's wedding dress, and why she's Team Edward. 

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Who do you play in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1?

I play Carmen Denali. She’s part of the Denali clan—a vegetarian clan that are cousins to the Cullens—Edward’s clan. The Denali’s and my character Carmen are guests to Edward and Bella’s wedding and that’s basically all we do in this movie. Then in the second movie—which is coming out next year—the Denali’s have a bigger role because we’re the first vampires that start helping the Cullens protect Edward and Bella’s baby. We filmed Part 1 and Part 2 together, so that’s done!

What’s your character Carmen like?

She’s very motherly and very warm. She’s an old vampire, so she’s wiser than the young vampires. She’s also Spanish—from Spain. The same is true of my husband, who’s played by Christian Camargo.

There seem to be a lot of Latinos in this movie. Was that something you noticed while you were making the film?

One of the main plots of Breaking Dawn is that Edward and Bella gather all the vampires from all over the world, so it’s definitely a more international cast, which is quite interesting. In the first movie, it was very American with this high school backdrop. I think it’s interesting how this whole Saga opens up to the world.

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Tell us about Bella’s wedding dress in the movie!

Oh my God! The dress was stunning! It looked fantastic. It was so beautiful, classical and so retro in a way. I’m all for small wedding dresses—not big puffy ones. I would wear that dress in real life for sure. It’s gorgeous!

Now for the million-dollar question: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I have to be Team Edward because my character is a Denali so we’re family. And I’m a vampire so there’s no choice for me!