EXCLUSIVE: Jake T. Austin from ‘New Year’s Eve’ On First Onscreen Kiss & New Year’s Resolution

The new romantic comedy New Year’s Eve hit theatres this past weekend, and in time, we reached out to one of its Latino stars.

Cutie-pie teen star Jake T. Austin, who is of part-Puerto Rican, Argentinean, and Spanish descent, stars in the film – a compilation of interlocked personal stories on the day leading up to January 1, 2012.

What to Watch: 'New Year's Eve'

The 17-year-old actor answered our questions via e-mail about his role in the film, which was helmed by director Garry Marshall and features all-star ensemble cast (including Robert De Niro and other Latino stars such as Colombian beauty Sofia Vergara). In his interview, Austin shared what it was like to work with such a big cast – and what his first onscreen kiss was like. Check out our full interview with Austin below!

Tell us about your role in New Year’s Eve!

I play Seth, who meets Abigail Breslin’s character on the night of NYE. Our storyline is tied in with Sarah Jessica Parker’s as well, who plays Abigail’s mom. Seth really wants to hang out with Abigail Breslin's character on New Year’s Eve, but Sarah Jessica Parker's character has other ideas.

What was your first onscreen kiss like?

First onscreen kiss was just another day at work – very professional. Abigail is such a great actress and a really sweet girl, which luckily meant it wasn't awkward at all.

What was it like working with such a big cast?

Filming was amazing! Everyone has lots of ensemble roles so I didn’t get to meet everyone… I’m hoping that will happen at the premiere. I did get to meet Robert de Niro, which was very surreal. Abigail was really great to work with as well; she plays my crush in the film. All of these actors are hugely successful in their craft and working with them was an honor. If I can take anything away from the experience, working with these people only made me a better actor. 

What is your New Year’s Resolution this year?

My New Year’s Resolution is just to keep working and focus on creating my own content as well.

Why do you think it’s hard for people to keep their New Year’s resolution?

I think most people probably set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and that’s why it’s difficult to stick to them.