EXCLUSIVE: Genesis Rodriguez Loves Playing a Strong Latina In 'Man On a Ledge'

Cuban and Venezuelan actress Genesis Rodriguez is known for her work in telenovelas such as Dame Chocolate, but today her work as Angie in the action-thriller Man On a Ledge will be making some heads turn. The 24-year-old spoke with Latina.com exclusively to dish on the film, tapping into action mode, and why she wouldn’t want to stand on that ledge!

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What do you hope people get out of watching Man On a Ledge?

Obviously, my character is Latina. She’s a strong Latina. She’s funny. She’s tough. She has this banter all day with Joey, in the movie, and she provides a comic relief to the film. She’s a little firecracker.

How would you have reacted to standing on that ledge for the whole movie?

It’s not so much the height. I went up there for the height. I would say it’s the windburn or the cold that I would suffer, you know? You can’t go to the bathroom when you want to. You’re on a ledge! You’re stuck up there. Luckily all my scenes were shot in a studio.

Was it easy to tap into action mode?

Actually, it was the first time I had done anything like this. Coming from telenovelas, the acting is basically from your forehead to your neck so I have never been used to running around and repelling and blowing up things. I was having the time of my life. I love doing action films!

Do you feel like a crossover actor?

I have no idea what it feels like yet. My movie comes out today. I’m terrified, but I’m very excited. I hope people like me and I hope people like me in a different genre. You just wish for the best.

Man on a Ledge is in theaters nationwide today.