EXCLUSIVE: 'Fright Night' Star Sandra Vergara Clears Up Her Relationship with Sofia Vergara

Contrary to Internet belief, Sandra Vergara—one of the stars of the new horror movie, Fright Night (opening August 19th)—is not Sofia Vergara's sister. "She's my first cousin," the sweet Colombian actress tells Latina.com. "We were raised together when we were little, and she's someone I respect a lot because she's family."

Vergarawho sounds exactly like Sofia and has the Modern Family star's same fun sense of humorspoke to Latina.com about her role in Fright Night, told us why there's nothing wrong with being a "spicy Latina," and explained why her dream role in Hollywood would be to play herself.  

Tell us about your new movie, Fright Night!

It’s a remake from the 80s—a much cooler remake. {Laughs}. I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying that—but anyway, it’s a super awesome remake of the classic Fright Night, and it’s about a kid named Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) who realizes that his friends are starting to go missing. He {becomes} suspicious of his neighbor Jerry, who turns out to be a vampire who’s killing everybody else. Colin Farrell plays Jerry, so he’s a very handsome vampire. I unfortunately didn’t have scenes with Colin, but I met him in between takes and he’s just a pleasure—a very wonderful guy.

Tell us about your character, Ginger.

Ginger is Peter Vincent’s (David Tennant) girlfriend and also his assistant in the magic show. My character is great—she’s very spicy, she’s always fighting with Peter, and she hates her boyfriend. But she’s very sweet and bubbly and she gives the movie a little bit of comedy.

There are some Latinas who don’t like to see Latin actresses play “spicy” Latinas in movies. Is your character Ginger a stereotypically “spicy” Latina, or is there more to her than that?

She’s unique! She’s me. She’s not a stereotype. Latinas should be proud of that spicyness. We’re built like that! It doesn’t mean that we’re drama queens or that we’re creating chaos wherever we go—it just means that we’re very passionate women and we feel things deeply and strongly. It would never offend me to be called spicy, honestly.

What spicy Latinas do you look up to in Hollywood?

Penelope Cruz is my hero. She’s the perfect definition of a good actress who can do drama and comedy in a split second. I don’t think she plays spicy—I think that’s just her personality, because even in serious roles—like Volver for example—you can see the passion and the intensity in the woman. That’s what I love about her!

Is your character in Fright Night a Latina?

She’s definitely Latina, because I can’t hide my accent. {Laughs}. They don’t get deep into her background, but I can tell you that she’s Colombian.

What is your dream role in Hollywood?

It would be cliché if I tell you that I want to be like Meryl Streep. My dream role is something where I can play myself and where I can explore different aspects of my personality and my background. Something really close to my heart would be my dream role. I wouldn’t want to play a doctor who just graduated from Brown—it’s not because I’m not educated—but because it’s something that is completely different than what I am.

The fact that your last name is “Vergara”  makes people immediately associate you with Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, whom the media has reported is your sister. Do you like being associated with Sofia?

Well it’s definitely not a bad thing, right? She’s somebody that has a lot of fans and is adored by the audience. If my last name was “Anthony” {as in Casey Anthony} then I would be worried. {Laughs}. She’s my first cousin. We were raised together when we were little and she’s someone I respect a lot because she’s family. And like I said, it’s a good thing if it's someone that is adored—if it’s somebody that people hate, then I would change my last name.