EXCLUSIVE: Elsa Pataky on 'Fast Five' And Her Real Life Need for Speed

We recently caught up with stunning Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and she chatted with us about her newlywed status (she married Thor star Chris Hemsworth over the Christmas holidays), her love for motorcycles, and her new film Fast Five opening in theaters all across the country today, April 29.

Congratulations on your recent nuptials! How does it feel to be a newlywed?

It’s basically the same as when you’re not married–which is better I think.  I love it! Nothing really changed, nothing has to change. The best is to be the exactly the same.

Fast Five is such a high-action movie.  Did you have fun shooting it?

Oh yes, it was amazing. I really liked all the movies of Fast and Furious. I really enjoy them because I love speed, I love cars. I’ve been on a motorcycle since I was 16 so it’s a world that I love. So when they told me I would be a part of the film, I was really excited about it. It’s a great movie also because it has so much action, explosions, guns, shooting. I think its one of the best movies they’ve done and I’m really happy to be part of it.

Wait, you’ve been riding motorcycles since you were 16 years old?!

[Laughs]  Yes! I started because I lived in the surrounding areas of the city and I had to go every day to the city. You can’t drive when you’re 16 in Spain. I wanted to go out so I just learned how to drive a motorcycle.  And then I started to like the world of motorcycles, I was even going to the circuits and races.

So you’ve raced in real life?

Yeah, I was racing and I love it, and I get into the world.  I’ve been using them [motorcycles] since I was 16.  I have a monster now and I love it.  I love it.  When you start loving motorcycles, you will never leave them.

Did you ever fall?

Yes, you fall sometimes but never serious.  Luckily, nothing like a big accident or anything that scary, you know?  But I’m very cautious with it – I’m not that crazy.  When I have to be crazy, I go in the circuit and just enjoy it there.  But when I’m in the road with the cars, I know it’s dangerous.

Why do you think Latinos have responded to the Fast & Furious films in such a huge way?

I think it’s because it has something that Latinos love.  The movies are very passionate in every way, it’s always Latinos in the movies, and it’s always been Latinos. The character of Dom, you know, with his family, with the love. He’s a tough guy but at the same time, a very sensitive person defending and protecting what he loves in life – which is a very Latino thing.

What was your favorite part of shooting this film?

It was really fun.  Since we got to Puerto Rico, I had two weeks working and training with a SWAT team that they have there.  It was really interesting – you learn how to use a gun, how to shoot when you’re running, or shoot from the car – all the techniques of a real police officer. I enjoyed it very much. I loved Puerto Rico.  Shooting in a place like that is like a dream because the time you’re not shooting, you can enjoy the beach and the places in Puerto Rico. I really enjoyed it – and the music in the streets…I really loved Puerto Rico and the people there were so nice to us.

Latina: Did you feel a lot of pressure to fill the void left by Michelle Rodriguez’s death from the last movie? 

Kind of.  I think every character has their story in every movie.  The good thing in this one is I think the connection between Dom and my character is both of them lost a love in their life so that makes sense. So yead, I mean I know people like her very much and hopefully they will love my character too.

Latina: In a real life face-off between Vin Diesel and the Rock, who do you think would win?

Elsa Pataky: Between both? [Laughs]  I don’t even know.  I love them both and I think they’re both really strong.  It’s going to be really interesting – they both have amazing bodies – a lot of action there.