EXCLUSIVE: Andy Garcia on Latino Actors: "We Don't Specialize in Latino Parts"

EXCLUSIVE: Andy Garcia

When we think of Andy Garcia, we think of the Cuban-American actor not as a great "Latino" actor, but rather as a great actor—period! That's probably because the versatile 55-year-old thespian is well-respected not only for the Latino men he has portrayed in films like The Lost CityLa Linea, and Stand and Deliver, but also for the non-Latino characters he has portrayed in films like The Godfather: Part III—for which he earned an Academy Award nomination—Ocean's 11The Untouchables and When A Man Loves A Woman

VIDEO: Introducing Andy Garcia's Daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido

We caught up with Garcia at the red carpet premiere of his latest film, Magic City Memoirs (which he executive produced, and which stars his daughter, actress Dominik Garcia-Lorido), and asked the iconic actor if he hopes his daughter—a proud Cubana—will get to play a wide range of roles throughout her career—Latino and otherwise. "I want it for all actors," Garcia said. "I don't think any actor of Hispanic background...they don't study "Latino" acting. We're just actors. We happen to have a shared culture, but we don't specialize in Latino parts," he added.

Check out the exclusive video below to see what else Garcia had to say on the subject, and why he thinks Latinos have come a long way in the entertainment industry.