EXCLUSIVE: Ana de la Reguera on Daniel Craig: "He’s the Hottest Guy I’ve Ever Seen!"

We caught up with one of favorite actresses, Ana de la Reguera, to chat about her role in the upcoming summer blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens and found out all about her  why she loves hanging with the boys and how it was working with Daniel Craig (hint, Ana enjoyed herself very, very much). Here's what she had to say:

Tell us about Cowboys Vs. Aliens!

It’s coming out July 29 and it’s a huge movie! It’s really fun. I think it’s going to be amazing. The story is really good, you don’t know what’s going on the whole time. You are finding everything out the way Daniel Craig (who plays the lead) does. It’s really interesting. It’s like an old-school western mixed with aliens and science fiction and big special effects and big stars. I don’t know why it took forever for someone to come out with something like this. You are mixing two amazing [genres]. I think it has great ingredients for the summer. John Favreau is an amazing director and the actors…I’m really happy!

 How was it working with Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig?

It was crazy. He’s the hottest guy I’ve ever seen! He’s so hot. He’s in great shape. He’s just amazing. [laughs]

Um, we totally agree! So, what character do you play?

I play Maria, Sam Rockwell’s wife. They own a saloon. They are a very sweet couple. They care about each other. They deal with danger all the time. In the old westerns, there are a lot of fights in the town because there’s no money. That’s pretty much my character. And then, things happen, and you’ll see, but it’s a very sweet love story. I think it’s the most normal story in the whole movie. There’s a lot of horror. There’s a little kid and everyone is fighting for their loved ones. It’s a little love story. They’re either fighting for their kid or their love.

Were you a fan of westerns before you made this movie?

Not really to tell you the truth. I think they’re great stories, but I wasn’t… I like period films so that was great because it’s a period film and I like that.

It seems like you’re always starring in movies and on TV shows with mostly male casts. (Nacho Libre, Eastbound & Down, Cop Out). Do you like being the only woman in an all-boy’s club?

I do. I’m very comfortable being the love interest. I love it. I feel comfortable and I learn a lot. You’re always getting more attention because you’re with guys all the time.

How is that different from your very serious roles in the mostly female drama Cappadocia?

Well, it is a big drama about a woman living in prison so the feeling was completely different. But at the same time, you get tired of seeing girls all the time. You are in overalls with no makeup all day and no boys, so it’s not as much fun. But the stories are so good it doesn’t matter.

You’ve done quite a few dramas, but we LOVED your hysterical Kahlua commercials and your work on Eastbound & Down—you’re so funny! Do you prefer comedy or drama?  

I love both. I’m pretty much a dramatic actress in Mexico, but here [in the U.S.] I’ve always done comedy, which I love. I think for me it’s harder to do comedy. With drama you can’t wrong—you know when someone’s going to feel bad or cry. With comedy, it’s harder. After so many takes you feel like you start to lose that spontaneity. That’s when I get nervous because I’m trying to make it like the first time. You have to be more real. Sometimes in drama it’s better when you repeat it because you start finding deeper stuff. In comedy, you have to find different things that make it fresh and real and new like it’s the first time.

A lot of really successful movie stars have accents. Do you think having a Latin accent gives an actress a little extra something?  

I hope so! Actually I did a stronger accent [in Cowboys & Aliens], but I didn’t want to go over the top. I didn’t want to exaggerate it or make fun of it. I just wanted to make it a little bit stronger and fun. I happen to get a lot of roles because I have an accent too. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it is bad. I went on an audition for something and they said the other actor had a British accent and they didn’t want so many accents, or they want a Latina with no accent. But sometimes they ask for more accent. It’s just finding the right role for you and you don’t have to take it personally. I would love to have no accent so I could get more roles, but I’m working on that. I work hard. I’m trying to minimize the accent.

Cowboys & Aliens opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow.