Exclusive: 50 Cent Tells Us What He Loves About Latinas

Exclusive: 50 Cent Tells Us What He Loves About Latinas
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You’re extremely business savvy and seem to have a sixth sense for it. You’ve done sneakers, music, movies, and even underwear now. What’s next: 50 Cent Tortillas?

[Laughs] When I did Vitamin Water it was taboo to do that at that time. It was “the crossover;” EPMD made records about it. For you to be associated with major corporations while creating art was not cool. Because I was breaking all the laws of what should and what shouldn’t, the bad boy energy that I had, I said, “I can do whatever I want to do.” And I did it. The Vitamin Water deal made other artists look to get an equity involvement instead of just getting a check. It shifted everything. Technology changed the music industry over a period that they couldn’t build big marketing campaigns anymore. You know who it was really devastating for? Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, huge pop stars [like them] with $25 million allocated to their marketing but the labels couldn’t commit to that anymore. That’s why you see those artists do things that they wouldn’t do in the past; they have to make adjustments. Which is why you’ll see Lady Gaga in a GMC commercial with her music in the background. Because in essence it’s a Lady Gaga commercial.

Switching gears, you’ve collaborated with Latin artists like Wisin y Yandel in the past. Would you do a collabo with the newer artists like J. Balvin, Maluma, etc.?

Yeah! The Latino community in New York City is becoming New York City. If you pay attention to what’s going on and understand the importance of immigration. This is why in Power I have them talking Spanish. Specifically, I have experts come by to differentiate from Dominican dialects or Puerto Rican dialects.

As a native New Yorker, you grew up with Latinos.

Oh, yeah. Lloyd Banks’ mother is Puerto Rican. They were all around. In my mind Latinos and African Americans are really one. Here, everyone is around each other. You can walk into certain areas and you just walked into Mexico. [Laughs]

What’s your favorite part of Latino culture?

I’m not gonna lie to you—it’s the women. Good God! Latinas are beautiful! The whole thing! Their complexion—they come darker, lighter, it varies. I’m attracted to a lot of them.

I noticed you follow our fitness blogger, Massy Arias, on Instagram and you only follow like 20 people. Why her?

I was impressed by her discipline. I followed her for inspiration because I was training for the FRIGO underwear ads. I know they couldn’t done the campaign without me in shape to shoot it but I gave myself a reason to discipline myself and get back into shape. I was trying twice a day to get back into shape.