Eva Mendes's History of Hotties & Notties

Sometimes the magic of movies can come across as, well, a little too magical, as in, utterly unrealistic. Case in point: Super sexy chica Eva Mendes has been paired with a fair share of dudes that she would probably never look at twice in real life. In The Other Guys, she plays the loving and devoted wife of frizzy-haired underachiever Will Ferrell. But who knows? When asked about what it takes to make her notice a guy, Eve once said, “Brains are the most important thing to me.” So maybe Ferrell would have a chance in real life!

Below are five on-screen frogs Mendes has kissed. Stick around till the end to check out her sexiest costars ever.

1. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Will Ferrell

Nottie: Will Ferrell (The Other Guys)
We have to admit that sultry Eva playing Ferrell’s brainy doctor wife totally works for laughs onscreen. Ferrell's goofy cop Allen Gamble is working at home with partner Terry Holtz (Mark Walhberg) when Eva walks in. Holtz asks, “Who is that?” Ferrell’s answer: “My wife.” Holtz: “No, seriously. Who is that?” Yup, that pretty much sums it up!

2. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Nicolas Cage

Nottie: Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider & Bad Lieutenant 2: Port of Call New Orleans
What’s worse, dating a tormented dude with a ball of fire for a head or dating a drug-addicted, tormented cop with serious helmet hair? Either way, in both movies Nicolas Cage is the opposite of sex.

3. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Greg Kinnear

Nottie: Greg Kinnear in Stuck on You
Eva has boasted about having had sex in all 50 states, so we know she’s got a freak streak, but her love interest in this Farrelly brothers flick is stuck to his brother, literally. This is a non-starter, even if the other guy is Matt Damon!

4. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Joaquin Phoenix

Nottie: Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the Night
Joaquin’s incessant onscreen brooding is not sexy; it’s calculated, especially when paired with offscreen weirdness (the beard, the mumbling on Letterman, the faux rap career). We think Eva would be bored.

5. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Mike Epps

Nottie: Mike Epps in All About the Benjamins
We love Eva as the scrappy ghetto dweller in this film, which makes her character’s attachment to a whiny, bug-eyed small-time hustler all the more confounding.

6. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Will Smith

Hottie: Will Smith in Hitch
Yeah, he’s got jug ears but Will Smith=charm your pants off.

7. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Denzel Washington

Hottie: Denzel Washington in Training Day & Out of Time
Denzel may play a corrupt scumbag cop, but admit it, you would not exactly pull the sheets up around you if he invaded your bedroom.

8. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Billy Crudup

Hottie: Billy Crudup in Trust the Man
He’s not exactly a corn-fed, all-American white boy: Billy Crudup has more of that sexy rockstar kinda sway that’s irresistible.

9. Eva Mendes: Hotties & Notties: Related