Eva Mendes Throws Hissy Fit at Comic-Con

The effects of those relaxing weeks at Cirque Lodge may be wearing off for Eva Mendes. According to reports, the star lost her cool during an appearance at Comic-Con, the world's largest comic book and gaming convention, where she joined director Frank Miller to promote their upcoming action/fantasy movie The Spirit.

Gossip site The Superficial reports that Eva "evidently freaked out and abruptly left. Frank Miller also chose to leave the table and hide in the curtained-off waiting area immediately behind the table, signing only posters for The Spirit, which were then carried out to the less-than-pleased fans waiting in line. The scene dissolved into relative chaos, with people receiving signed posters from Miller and nothing from Mendes, who as far as anyone could tell simply left the convention altogether."

Dang. We know shaking hands with hundreds of horny, slobbery fanboys can be stressful, but these aren't people you want to get on your bad side, Eva. Hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned.