Eva Mendes Says She's No Bad Girl

Eva Mendes may be a cigarette-smoking, nipple-revealing sexpot, but she's no bad girl. She just plays them in virtually every movie she's in, from Training Day to Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and even the upcoming chick flick The Women, in which she plays a husband-stealer opposite Meg Ryan and Annette Benning. "My character may be a bad girl, but I'm not," the sultry actress clarifies.

Eva credits her mother with keeping her from going too far with her deliciously naughty image. "Every time I walk the red carpet, she'll say, 'Oh, the hair was a bit too much,' or she'll comment on the shoes," the 34-year-old actress tells Parade magazine.

The most important thing Mama Mendes taught her daughter? Keep your lips sealed, especially when it comes to rumors such as those that have been circulating about Eva's stint in rehab. "People can speculate all they want. I'm not going to clear up the misconceptions. I have to think of the pain it might bring my mother."

Maybe Eva's mother might also want to teach her how to, uh, keep some clothes on once in a while. Actually, who are we kidding. If our momma gave us a booty like that, we'd be flaunting it too.