Eva Mendes and Keira Knightley to Share the Screen in 'Last Night'

Eva Mendes is ready to put her sexiness on display once again, in a role opposite Keira Knightley in the romantic drama Last Night. In the film, Eva plays—wait for it—a husband-stealing maneater who goes after Keira's man while they are on a business trip. The film will begin shooting in New York next month.

Don't get us wrong, we're excited to see Eva on the big screen again (especially next to the toothpick-like Keira, proving that a couple of plates of arroz con pollo will do a girl more good than harm), but a husband stealer again? We're beginning to worry that Miss Mendes has only two faces: sexy seductress and doting girlfriend.

Eva defends her choices by arguing that, as a young, sexy Latina, her options are limited. She recently complained to the Evening Standard, "there is a lack of roles out there for females."

She claims that she wants to help change things by getting more involved behind the scenes. "I could sit back and complain and I still do but you've got to help things change as well," she says. "Turning this role around and doing it from a female angle is one step."

Until Eva is able to pull a Salma and create the roles she wants to play for herself, we guess we can't blame her for using what her mami gave her to keep her name on the A-list.