Eva Longoria Parker: Superhero?

Is Eva Longoria Parker ready to trade in her Desperate Housewives dishrags for a skin-tight costume and super powers? If her visit to the L.A. offices of Marvel comics is any indication, we're guessing: yes.

Eva was spied outside the Beverly Hills headquarters of the company that created Batman, Superman and countless other myths, clutching dozens of back issues of The Avengers, which is slated to start shooting in the next year or two for a 2011 release.

If this turns out to be true, we think its a very smart move for Eva, who hasn't had much luck on the big screen despite her wide appeal on television. Just like Jessica Alba before her, we think Eva's true calling isn't romantic comedies, but action movies that, er, have limited need for acting ability and maximize the showing-off of her killer bod.

Stay tuned for details!