'El Cantante,' Puerto Rico

1. el cantante 01

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at the Museo del Arte in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for the local premiere of El Cantante.

2. el cantante 02

 Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle hanging out at the premiere's after party.

3. el cantante 03

Director Leon Ichaso.

4. el cantante 04

J-Lo with her sister, TV news anchor Lynda Lopez.

5. el cantante 05

J-Lo with actress Leah Remini (remember her from King of Queens?)

6. el cantante 06

The lovebirds.

7. el cantante 07

Marc Anthony with the Governor of Puerto Rico, Aníbal Acevedo Víla.

8. el cantante 08

Victor Manuelle striking the international cool guy pose.