Drew Barrymore Wants Penelope Cruz to Be a Charlie's Angel, Too!

Now that a new Charlie's Angels movie is reportedly in the works (shout out to Independent Women), everyone wants to know who will be joining the buttkicking trifecta of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu on the big screen. If it were up to Barrymore, the answer would be a no-brainer: Penelope Cruz!

Barrymore tells PopSugar that she'd love to have the Vicky Cristina Barcelona star on board for the third Angels installment. Why? Simply put, because she rocks. "Oh I’m so in love with Penelope Cruz!" says the actress. "She’s Aaaaahh-mazing."

We think so, too. Though leggy pop star Rihanna is also rumored to be up for the role, we think Cruz has got the upperhand. With her acting chops and smoldering look, the Spanish star would fit right in with the rest of the Charlie's Angels ladies!

The only thing that stands in the way of this collabo is probably Pé herself, since she typically doesn't go for blockbuster action filcks and is bound to be extra picky about her career choices if she wins that Oscar in a month.

What do you think?