Diego Boneta Sings for Tom Cruise

Less than two weeks after hunky Mexican actor Diego Boneta landed the lead role of Drew Boley in the highly anticipated movie-musical Rock of Ages, rumors are already circulating that he may have the hots for his on-screen love interest Julianne Hough (AKA Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend).

But Boneta says that's not his style. "Even though I still haven't met Ryan, I'm sure he's the nicest guy," Boneta tells E! Online. "And you know, guys have this honor code thing and I totally respect that."

While Boneta may not be singing love songs to Julianne, another cast member already tuned in to his sauve vocals: Tom Cruise!

"I was at the recording studio listening to a duet that Julianne and I did, and all of a sudden, Tom walks in and I'm like, 'Hi, Mr. Cruise. How are you?' says Boneta. "And then Adam [Shankman] asks, 'Hey, Tommy, do you want to listen to Diego and Julianne's duet?' He was like, 'Yeah, if it's OK with you.' I'm like, 'Um, sure.'

"After the song he came up to me and congratulated me," said Boneta. "He was really nice," he said. 

As for Boneta, now that people are making up stories about him that aren't true, it's safe to say he's made it!