Diego Boneta & Camilla Belle: A Modern Day Adam & Eve?

There’s a possibility that Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle will be heading way back in time for their next roles—we’re talking biblical era here. According to Deadline, Belle has signed on for the role as Eve in the big-screen adaptation based on Paradise Lost, the epic poem by 17th-century poet John Milton. The 25-year-old Brazilian beauty has been on a biblical kick lately, she's also starring alongside Al Pacino in the upcoming film Mary Mother of Christ, in which plays Mary.

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Variety reports that the film is being directed by Alex Proyas and that Boneta is also in talks to star as Adam. Milton's poem centers on the story of the original couple and has over ten thousand individual lines of verse. The 20-year-old mexicano Boneta is currently starring alongside a cast of heavyweights, including Tom Cruise, in the highly anticipated musical film Rock of Ages, set to be hit theaters next year. 

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We hope both Boneta and Belle are confirmed soon—how cool would it be to see a Latino couple as Adam and Eve?!