Denise Quinones on 'La Soga' and Why She Loves Bad Boys

In her new film La Soga, Denise Quiñones plays the childhood sweetheart of a government assassin in the Dominican Republic (played by writer/actor Manny Perez). We talked to the former Miss Universe at the movie’s New York premiere last week and she told us about the latest projects and her love of bad boys.

What drew you to this project?
I think it’s really important to support our projects. Latin projects, made by Latin people, in our language. We have to build ourselves up. It’s also a wonderful story.

How did you like playing such a very sweet and understanding character, La Soga’s love interest, Jenny?
I loved it. My character and La Soga have this wonderful union, such a pure, innocent connection. She was born in the Dominican Republic, but raised here in New York, but comes back after 20 years and reunites with her childhood sweetheart. It’s a beautiful connection, especially because he’s such a dark character and he’s had to go through so many difficult circumstances in his life, that have turned him into the monster that he has become. When Jenny comes along, she reminds him of who he is inside, of the good qualities that he has. She brings out the best in him.

You’ve been with a so-called bad boy in the past (Residente from Calle 13). What’s the appeal of a bad boy?
I never see it in that way. For me it’s kind of simplistic to catalogue someone as bad boy. People are a lot more complex than that and have different layers. There’s a thing called image and then there’s who you really are, and there’s a lot of that in this business. It’s a façade sometimes. There’s more to people than what you see.

What turn is your career taking? Do you want to continue pursuing movies, return to theater?
My first passion is theater. I want to keep doing movies, but be selective with movies and always have the theater to fall back on. Theater is so alive, the energy is there, it’s present. It happens in the moment. One show is never the same as another. I love having the audience right there. It’s a special kind of communication. I love that lovefest.

La Soga is playing in limited release in movie theaters in New York, New Jersey and Florida.